The Uncle Woody Show

Uncle Woody Show

baloonlineunclewoodyHighest rated Kids Show in Southern and Central California in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Cartoons, Riddles, Games, Prizes and the kids favorite host. Uncle Woody! Vintage Television in Fresno, Bakersfield, Southern and Central California Uncle Woody KMPH KPLA KBAK KERO CBS and ABC The Highest Rater Show ever in the 3:30pm – 4:30pm time slot with 40% of all television viewers tuned in to see Uncle Woody and the Gangbaloonline 2   The Show That Never EndsI was cleaning out and decided to wash this – to save and keep . Amanda saw it asked about it and said it was a great way to advertise.  Amanda wore this to school today

You are going to laugh at what she said………
I said ” YOU are going to wear this to school?  She said – “Yeah why not, can’t you do advertising for the old days” Ha Ha ha



Uncle Woody and the Disney Gang

  • The Best In Bakersfield , Fresno and Central California TV in the 60’s 70’s and 80’s
  • Games
  • Riddles
  • Fun
  • Parties
  • Cartoons!


Memories From Our Viewers eddy

“Back in my days in Oxnard CA I used to come to Reedley CA to pick grapes. In the Afternoon I would get cleaned up and wait for the Uncle Woody Show. We had frozen Kool-Aid Pops and wait for the Three Stooges and Popeye on KBAK  Channel 29 in Bakersfield CA. I used to tell my mom when she picked me up to stop at the Uncle Woody Toy shop because he always give away good toys. Every summer I always looked forward to the Uncle Woody Show. I was 12 years old when I started watching him, now I am 51 years old and I am working for him.”  Eddie

 My Borthers and I from mornings when I was little, and when I was older. He would laugh and say that between my Breyer horses and her Madame Alexander dolls, we were keeping the store open!
 It’s great to find this page. I really miss Woody.

timMy brothers and I would camp infront of the television screen to see the Uncle Woody Show when ever we could. Cartoons like Speed Racer and Popeye and all the rest you just can’t find cartoons like that anymore, and the things we did to be like the Three Stooges, well we survived. The games and the riddles were great too. We thought Uncle Woody was so goofy, little did we know how important it was for him to be goofy

jamesThose were the days, long summer days, sipping on slurpees, riding our bikes over hill and dale and watching Uncle Woody and Chester the clown and all the characters he had on the show. Not to mention the games, the riddles and the tricks played on “Uncle Woodsy”  . We just didn’t know how good we had it.