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1960’s and 1970’s Children’s Television Show for Central and Southern California


woodygif Every afternoon after school, kids in Southern and Central California would rush home to see the Uncle Woody Show. With a great cast of  characters, fun cartoons and prizes Galore, Uncle Woody  and his friends were loved  by millions. Alas  while the show di last from the 1960’s in to the 1980’s all things must come to an end, and so did the show. But it is still remembered by all those it touched and Uncle Woody loves to hear from his friends. 


The Cast:


Uncle Woody

It takes a special sort of man to submit himself to the rigors of a kids show for decades simply to light up the life of a child. He went through some of the funniest and most amazing things to bring everyone a laugh


Chester The Clown

Always faithful, always good for a laugh, Chester The Clown was a special part of the show.


Zippy And The Toy Circus Gang

Some of show’s most favorite and beloved characters, we hear more about them than almost anyone else


 Special Friends

The kind of special friends who kept “Uncle Woodsy” on his toys and were always good for a laugh


And Of Course The Most Important Cast Members

The Kids!

The Uncle Woody show would never have been the same without you.  It was you who brough the magic to the show and we would really like to hear from you


And Now its time for the next cartoonerooni!


The Features

 sgtpreston  popeye gumby
 Sgt Preston Of The Yukon  Popeye Gumby and Pokey
 speed felix stooges
 Speed Racer  Felix The Cat Three Stooges


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Speed Racer

Sargent Preston of the Yukon

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