Uncle Woody

Uncle Woody hosted a children's television show called "The Uncle Woody Show" in the 60's  and 70's covering central and southern California.  At 3 pm The business and owner of Red Devil Fireworks and Woody's Toy Circus would put on the striped coat and a smile and entertain kids with jokes, riddles cartoons and games for hours

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The Uncle Woody Show

From Sacramento to Los Angeles kids would hover around the television set to watch hear riddles, see guests and games and of course see the gang and Uncle Woody announce the Next Cartoonaroonie! And of course Uncle Woody would be bested by the kids or the puppets or the clowns  or any other of the cast members

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Woody's Toy Circus

And of course the highlight  of the show, besides  Uncle was the TOYS. Which were kept in constant supply by Woody's Toy Circus. A chain of wonderful toy stores spread around the Centralo Valley, The Coast and Southern California. Kids always wanted one of Uncle Woody's Fabulous Toys!

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Lights Camera Action! Let's get ready for our next Cartoonaroonie!

For 20 Years The Uncle Woody Show brightened the lives and warmed the homes of millions of California kids. No matter what was going on in their life, Uncle Woody gave them an hour where they could cast their cares away and watch cartoons and be entertained by someone who thought of them first.  Smiles were the currency of the Uncle Woody Show, and every one wanted to be on it.  "Mama that man gives away toys!"



Uncle Woody Show

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